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Parish News for Second Sunday after Epiphany

Second Sunday after Epiphany
20 January 2019

“…But you have kept the
good wine until now.”
This, the first of his signs,
Jesus did at Cana in Galilee, and manifested his glory.
And his disciples believed in him.

St. John 2.10-11

Jesus’ First Miracle Reveals God’s Glory

The coming of the Messianic kingdom means the restoration of creation. The sign of this restoration is that “the mountains shall drip sweet wine” (Amos 9.11–15). When the elements of a fallen creation fail and run short at a wedding feast, our Lord Jesus steps in to restore creation and miraculously changes water into an abundance of the very best wine (St. John 2.1–11). With this sign, Christ manifests His glory. The “back” of God (Exodus 33.12–23) is revealed to those who believe. The hour will come when Jesus will again manifest His glory by taking creation’s curse into His own body to release us from its power, and from His side will flow water and blood, the holy sacraments by which she is cleansed and made one with Him. Through this sacrificial love of Christ we are enabled to “love one another with brotherly affection . . .” and to “outdo one another in showing honor” (Romans 12.6–16).

Parish News

Altar Flowers   are given to the glory of God by Mr. & Mrs. Brad Bilyeu in memory of Jeanne’s mother.

Adult Bible Class   meets at 9am in the Parish Center. This week the class continued its study of Hebrews 9.15-28. Next week we move to Hebrews 10.1-18, “Perfect Access to God.” What is gained by the new order of Jesus’ priestly service in the heavenly realm? Jesus accomplished once for all time by His bodily self-offering the sanctification and perfection before God of believers, no other sacrifice is required apart from Christ’s sacrifice.

Sunday Afternoon Theology   on the Lutheran Confessions begins today after Divine Service. Class meets for one hour, and you’re invited to bring a lunch. This class is for anyone desiring a deeper look at our Lutheran Confessions and liturgy, and for anyone who may be interested in joining our congregation as a communicant member. Class will last through the Lent season.

Indiana March for Life   is Tuesday, January 22 in downtown Indianapolis. Vicar Cornwell and Vicar Schultz (Martinsville) are leading our circuit’s participation. If you are interested in taking part in this event in support of life issues in our state, please speak to or email Vicar Cornwell (vicar@ielcth.org). Look for a signup sheet near the parish office.

Volunteers are needed   to help with the Esprit mailing on Wednesday.  We will pray Lauds at 9:30am, and then continue with the mailing in the Parish Center.

Tuesday Night Theology   begins Tuesday, January 29 at 7pm. Our society has blurred the definitions of man and woman far from God’s intention. As Christians living in an increasingly hostile world, it is important that we know how to give a faithful answer to those who may ask us to confess (1 Peter 3.15-16). Come and join us as we learn from God’s Word who God has made us to be as men and women in Christ.

Please pick up   your 2018 Contribution Statements on the back table in the Narthex.  You may contact Stacy.Gibbens@ielcth.org or 812-232-4972 with any questions.

Prepare for Next Sunday

2 Kings 5.1–15; Romans 12.16–21; Matthew 8.1–13

Hymns: TLH 28 – 401 – 409 – 617 – 734 – 839

Order of Daily Prayer

L Make haste, O + God, to deliver me.

R Make haste to help me, O Lord.

     Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit;

     as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever. Amen. Alleluia!

Psalm 66

Scripture Readings:

[S] from Divine Service

[M] St. Matthew 4.18-25; Genesis 17.1-22

[T] St. Matthew 5.1-26; Genesis 18.1-33

[W] St. Matthew 5.27-48; Genesis 19.1-29

[Th] St. Matthew 6.1-23; Genesis 21.1-34

[F] St. Matthew 7.1-23; Genesis 24.1-28

[S] St. Matthew 7.24-29; Genesis 24.29-67

Hymn of the Day or Month The Only Son from Heaven (402)

Catechism (bulletin)

Apostles’ Creed

Kyrie: L Lord, have mercy upon us;  R Christ, have mercy upon us; Lord, have mercy upon us.

Our Father

Collect of the Day (bulletin)

Luther’s Morning or Evening Prayer

L Bless we the Lord.  R Thanks be to God.


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