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Parish News for Third Sunday after Epiphany

Third Sunday after Epiphany

23 January 2022


Jesus Came for Gentiles, Too 

The Gospel of Christ is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Gentile (Romans 1.8–17). Even in the Old Testament, the Gentiles were beneficiaries of God’s saving power. Though unimpressed at first with the Word of God, a Syrian commander is persuaded to receive that Word, and in the water he is cleansed and brought to faith in the God of Israel (2 Kings 5.1–15). Evil is overcome by good (Romans 12.16–21). So also in the New Testament, a Roman centurion demonstrates great and humble faith in the Lord (St. Matthew 8.1–13). All he needs is the Word of Christ, for he trusts that Jesus’ Word of healing has authority to accomplish what it says. And indeed it does. The centurion’s faith is praised by our Lord above that of any Israelite. For the last shall be first, and the first last. Apart from faith in Christ, there is no salvation—not even for a Jew—but only weeping and gnashing of teeth.


Parish News 

Altar Flowers   are given to the glory of God by Mr. & Mrs. Doug Toth. 

Volunteers are needed   to sponsor Altar Flowers for seven Sundays in 2022.  Please sign up on the chart on the bulletin board in the Narthex. 

Please pick up   your 2022 Contribution Envelopes in the Narthex.  Please e-mail stacy.gibbens@ielcth.org with any questions.

March for Life Indianapolis is Tomorrow   Jesus welcomes children to Himself, blesses them, and gives them, by His Word and Spirit, entrance into His Kingdom. As His beloved Bride, Christ’s Church also loves children; ones for whom He shed His precious Blood. She stands with Jesus in the public square to defend the lives of the vulnerable and innocent. Join your family in Christ tomorrow, January 24 for the annual Indianapolis March for Life. Divine Service will be offered at St Peter’s Lutheran Church (2525 E. 11th 46201) at 9:30am, the Rev. Dr. Daniel Brege preaching. Afterward we’ll carpool downtown to participate in the March and Rally which begins at 12pm from the Indiana Convention Center (126 W. Georgia St) toward the Indiana State Building.


Prepare for Next Sunday

Jonah 1.1–17; Romans 13.8–10; St. Matthew 8.23–27

Hymns: 797 – 557 – 533 – 726 – 823 – 708


Order of Daily Prayer

L Make haste, O X God, to deliver me.

R Make haste to help me, O Lord.

     Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit;

     as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever. Amen. Alleluia!

Psalm 97

Scripture Readings:

  [S] from Divine Service

  [M] St. Matthew 8.14-27; Genesis 25.1-34

  [T] St. Matthew 8.28-34; Genesis 27.1-45

  [W] St. Matthew 9.1-17; Genesis 27.46—28.22

  [Th] St. Matthew 9.18-38; Genesis 29.1-20

  [F] St. Matthew 10.1-16; Genesis 31.1-18

  [S] St. Matthew 10.17—11.1; Genesis 32.1-32

Hymn of the Day or Month From God the Father, Virgin-Born (401)

Catechism (bulletin)

Apostles’ Creed

Kyrie: L Lord, have mercy upon us;  R Christ, have mercy upon us; Lord, have mercy upon us.

Our Father

Collect of the Day (bulletin)

Luther’s Morning or Evening Prayer

L Bless we the Lord.  R Thanks be to God.

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