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Divine Service: Ye Shall Receive Power

When Jesus met with His disciples, He gave them power.  Our power also comes from Jesus, who is the power of the Church.  The Church is a powerhouse.  At the Altar, we meet with Jesus.  He comes to us in the Word and in the Bread and Wine.

After Jesus met with His disciples, He sent them forth.  They were to be His witnesses, to tell others.  They were to tell what they had seen and heard.  This we must do.  We must see to it that the Gospel is preached over all the world.  We do this when we support the mission work of our church and when we tell others what we know about Christ.

We must also be the witnesses of Jesus in our homes, in school, and when we play with others.

Jesus invites us all to come to His great feast.  After we have come to His Holy Feast He tells us to go and tell.

Thus the Liturgy is extended into our daily life.

“The Little Service Book” was written by the Rev. Berthold von Schenk (1895-1974), pastor of Our Saviour—New York, as an explanation of the Common Service for children.


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