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About Sunday’s Music – Cantate

Proclaim the wonders God hath done!   It is fitting on Cantate (Latin: “sing”) Sunday to sing Luther’s (1483-1546) first congregational hymn, “Dear Christians, One and All, Rejoice” (556) as the HYMN OF THE DAY.  Having rediscovered the Gospel and the joy that comes through Christ’s salvation, Luther wrote this hymn in 1523.  It likely also had as its inspiration “Salvation Unto Us Has Come” (555).

1-L76-P80-1 (8174)
‘Nun freut euch, lieben Christen gmein’
Luther, Martin
Eisleben 10.11.1483- ebd. 18.2.1546.
Werke/Lieder: ‘Nun freut euch, lieben
Christen gmein’.-
aus: Luther, Etlich christlich lider,
Lobgesang und Psalm. NĂĽrnberg (Jobst
Gutknecht), 1524.

Stanza nine fits well with today’s Gospel from St. John 16.5-15:


Now to My Father I depart, From earth to heaven ascending
And heavenly wisdom to impart, The Holy Spirit sending;
In trouble He will comfort you, And teach you always to be true
And into truth shall guide you.

The tune is said to have been transcribed by Luther after he heard it sung by a traveling artisan.

The PRELUDE is a setting by Jacob Benjamin Weber (b. 1988), a graduate of Bethany College—Mankato, MN, and Concordia University—Mequon, WI.  He is kantor of Emmanuel—Dearborn, MI.

At the Lamb’s High Feast We Sing   The DISTRIBUTION HYMN (633) is a Latin hymn from the sixth-ninth centuries.  Bringing in Old Testament imagery, the hymn is a rich portrayal of joy in Christ emphasized in the Easter season.

F. Samuel Janzow(1913-2001),professor at of theology and English at Concordia University Chicago and member of the hymnal committee for the 1982 Lutheran Worship,summarizes:

“The Easter joy of faith’s feeding upon Christ and his sin-and-death-and-hell-conquering crucifixion and resurrection is poetically pictured in this hymn as a feast at which the blood of the Lamb is the wine that faith drinks, and the Lamb’s flesh, or body, is the food upon which it feeds during this victory banquet.” 

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