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Divine Service: Offering

WHAT CAN WE offer?  Jesus took wine and bread at that first Communion, before He died for our sins.  He told us to do this also.

Now, this is a strange offering, a bit of bread and wine.  But when we think of it, it is really quite a meaningful offering; for bread and wine represent creation, life, food, work, and joy.  It also shows that God can take the common things of our life and make them into something wonderful.

The bread and wine have also another meaning.  They symbolize the union of the Church with Christ from Whom all life comes.  Almost 2000 years ago the Christians prayed: “As this bread was once scattered on the mountains, and is here gathered into one, so also gather Thy Holy Church out of every nation, and every city and village and house, and make one living, holy, catholic Church; and as this wine was gathered from the fruit of the vine, so all thy people may abide as branches in that holy Vine, made known to us in Thy Son Jesus Christ.”

With the bread and wine we place our offering of money on the altar.  This also has a deep meaning.  The offering is a symbol of one’s self.  This is why the early Christians prayed: “And here we would present ourselves, though unworthy, body, soul, and spirit unto Thee.”  The offering is not only money.  When we place our offering on the plate, which is taken to the altar, we are on that plate.

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