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Music for the Fourth Sunday after Trinity

O God, My Faithful God (696), today’s HYMN OF THE DAY is by Johann Heermann (1585–1647), a Lutheran pastor in Silesia during the Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648). During his time as pastor many from his congregation died from pestilence, especially during 1631. It is no wonder that Pastor Heermann could write such words as comfort as are found in this hymn.

We find true comfort in the merciful God alone, in the fountain ever flowing! A prayer for all times is for a “healthy frame,” not only to be healthy, but also to help others through one’s calling and vocation. It is so tempting to curse, swear, or speak out of turn; these betray a mistrust that God actually would work good in this vale of tears. Only forgiveness won by Jesus on the cross can set aside this mistrust. The final two stanzas are pure comfort, echoing the Nunc Dimittis (Lord, now you let your servant depart in peace). Death for the Christian body is but sleep; the Christian soul does not die, but immediately is drawn to heaven at the death of the body. Christians now commend themselves to their Savior. Then, in splendor, Christians will rejoice over their salvation with all those who love his name.                                      —Rev. Thomas Lock, Kantor of Trinity—Denver, for LOGIA Online

The PRELUDE is Johann Sebastian Bach’s setting of Luther’s hymn, “We All Believe in One True God” (954) from the Clavier Übung III.  In his collection Clavier Übung III, Bach composes chorale preludes for each of Luther’s catechism hymns.  In tribute to his confession of the Book of Concord, Bach writes a larger prelude for each hymn to correspond to the Large Catechism, and a smaller prelude for the Small Catechism.
The introduction to the ENTRANCE HYMN, “We All Believe in One True God” (954), is by Friedrich Wilhelm Zachow (1663-1712).
The introduction to the HYMN TO DEPART, “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” (656) is by Kevin Hildebrand (b. 1973), kantor of Concordia Theological Seminary and St. Paul’s-Fort Wayne.
The lessons are Genesis 50.15-21; Romans 8.18-23; and St. Luke 6.36-42.
The hymns are: 954 We All Believe in One True God
696 O God, My Faithful God
TLH 321 O Faithful God, Thanks be to Thee
544 O Love, How Deep
960 Isaiah, Mighty Seer
500 Creator Spirit, By Whose Aid
656 A Mighty Fortress is Our God
Prelude: We All Believe in One True God (BWV 680) -J.S. Bach
Choral Voluntary: “Annuntiate” from “Cantate Domino” (BuxWV12) -Dietrich Buxtehude

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